We are committed to selling 100% certified organic coffee. Buying organic coffee has a positive impact in every stage of its production. Farmers get a chemical-free work environment and develop more sustainable agriculture practices.  The consumer gets a cup of coffee free of pesticides and fungicides.


Since our quiet opening in mid-August 2012, we are fortunate to have been promoted by way of the most, sincerest of compliments, word of mouth.

We hope your visit will be a unique eating experience that will keep you coming back with friends, family and associates.

Jamie Kennedy has been instrumental in shaping the culinary landscape in Canada. His innovative approach to gastronomy, commitment to sustainable agriculture and advocacy of local food have been unwavering.

As well, as an industry pioneer with over 40 years of experience, Jamie is available for consultation with other enterprises whose principles align with his own, to further enrich the experience of their customers.

We stock healthy groceries, bulk, organic produce, supplements, personal care, non dairy substitutes to our customers!We also have a wonderful cafe on site.

Organic Groceries, Vitamins and Tasty Food!

These hand-made wines express the interaction of our site, soil, climate, vintage and the human influence in the vineyard and winery that combine to create our unique terroir.

Great wine. Our pursuit of this ideal has shown us the importance of organic and biodynamic viticulture. It has instilled in us a respect for the soil, water and ecosystems upon which great wine, and our planet, relies. From the beginning, we sought to provide a good example of what is possible in Ontario, and to pursue certification to back it up.

Auld Spot Pub is the Sweetgrass Home base. Our beers are available on tap and the sweet staff can tell you all about them. 

Located on the Danforth in Toronto’s east end, The Auld Spot Pub has been a neighbourhoodstaple. Nathan purchased his local in 2005 and they have worked to ensure everyone is greeted with a friendly smile, quality dishes and a selection of some of the best craft beer, wine and spirits.

We’re excited to announce the opening of the freshest new seafood restaurant in West Lake – just minutes from Sandbanks National park beach, and the new summer home to Sweetgrass Brewing Co.

Leslieville Cheese Market has a delightful selection of local and global cheese, cured meat and gourmet foods. They offer catering and cheese school services. Their goal has always been to maintain a personal connection with customers while sharing their love of food. The very popular dips, soups, and pâtés are all Michael’s recipes. Don’t forget to keep your cheese tasting skills sharp with lots of practice!

Conor Joerin and Scott Pennock’s, barely four-month-old,

the Emerson is well-worth a visit!


About MacLean’s Ales™

Many years ago, Charles MacLean developed a passion for two things. By day he loved riding motorcycles and, when the day was done, he enjoyed great beer. So, in 1978 he decided take an epic journey. He traveled overseas to ride a Norton Commando through the beautiful English countryside.

Charles began brewing his own ales in tribute to his time spent in England. His passion flourished, as he became one of Ontario’s pioneering independent craft brewers.

Tours are of the brewery are available by appointment.

Phone 519-506-ALES for more details or visit the store.


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